Forgiveness: Finding the Gift in the Wound

Huffington Post. Marina Cantacuzino, founder of The Forgiveness Project in London, reports on a recent talk??by??Azim Khamisa, a Sufi Muslim from Kenya who lost his son to murder on an American street 17 years ago. ??His heart-felt sense of forgiveness has led him to speak “in front of a million young people,” as a way to reduce violence and increase forgiveness.????According to Khamisa, ???I reached the conclusion that there were victims at both ends of the gun.?????The full story is here.

Mr. Khamisa’s story also is featured in the award-winning documentary film,??The Power of Forgiveness. Watch??a short video clip??of Dr. Robert Enright, who was also??featured in that documentary, talking about justice, forgiveness and mercy.

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