Corrie Ten Boom

Have you ever heard of Corrie Ten Boom? She wrote the book, The Hiding Place. She lived through a concentration camp even though many in her family did not. She was abused and left with mourning and scars.

Yet, she found a way to forgive. She expressed this in a lecture one night in Germany. Although she was unaware of it, the SS office who abused her years ago was in the audience.

After the lecture, as people gathered around Corrie, the SS officer waited in line, then extended his hand, and asked her to forgive him. Shocked, confused, and not knowing what to do, she forgave.

How could she forgive so quickly? From her narrative in the book, it all sounds perfectly legitimate to me. She felt a love for him, she says in the book.

How is this possible? I will not provide the answer. I would like you to research it for yourself and then see how that pertains to your life.


One thought on “Corrie Ten Boom

  1. Chris May 31, 2012 / 10:17 am

    Corrie Ten Boom is a quiet heroine. She forgave against all odds of doing so. She should be held up as a model of forgiveness more often.


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