I believe in accountability. Even God does not forgive without repentance.

Our question for you is this: ??Must you choose between accountability and forgiveness? ??Do you see them as mutually exclusive? ??We should recall Aristotle’s counsel to us. ??We should not practice any of the virtues in isolation. ??Accountability is a form of justice. ??Justice and forgiveness exist side-by-side. ??Regarding God’s forgiveness, we must recall that God forgives sins. ??People do not forgive sins. ??If you base you understanding of forgiveness on the Bible, then please recall that the story of Joseph forgiving his brothers (in Genesis) was a story of unconditional forgiveness. ??The brothers did not repent to Joseph before he forgave them. ??It is similar in the New Testament, in the story of the Prodigal Son, whose father forgave him unconditionally, prior to the son’s repentance.

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