I am stuck. I just can’t seem to progress in forgiving my father from years ago. I have examined my anger and it is considerable. When I feel this anger it is hard to go forward because of it. What do you suggest?

First, you should realize that your acknowledging the anger is a big step. ??Sometimes people have difficulty seeing this because they are afraid of the anger. ??We are not supposed to be angry or we are not supposed to be angry with certain people. ??Be encouraged that you have broken through the psychological defense of denial.

Many people say that the next step after acknowledging the anger is the hardest. ??That step is the decision to forgive. ??It is like starting a new exercise program, for example. ??The thought of going to the gym, taking out the membership, and getting started can be confusing and challenging. ??You are not alone in feeling some apprehension with this new step of deciding to forgive. ??Exercise the virtue of courage as you move forward and you will no longer be stuck as you decide to engage in the process of forgiving your father.

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