Forgiveness as an Illusion

If materialist brain activity determines how we behave, then we have no personal responsibility for our actions. If behaviorist punishments, reinforcements, and modeling determine how we behave, then we have no personal responsibility for our actions. If we have no personal responsibility for our actions, then we have to stop the illusion that we, ourselves, engage in right or wrong behavior, as if this were our own choice rather than materialistically determined for us either by interior Research5activity of the brain or exterior activity of others and society. Moral right and wrong become, then, illusions.

When we forgive, therefore, we are responding to illusions. Forgiveness itself, therefore, is an illusion. Are you by any chance feeling very upset by another’s injustice against you? How will you rid yourself of persistent resentment if you cannot forgive? Biological materialist views of the brain and social materialist views of behavior modification will block you from forgiving and from experiencing inner emotional relief……if you have faith in these two (or really, either one of) these philosophies of human anthropology and anti-ethics.

In fact, your job is to stop using such words as “another’s injustice against you” and begin to talk of synapses and urges produced from the brain and inevitable behaviors emerging from how others have reinforced or punished you in your life. Forgiveness? Get over it. It is an illusion. Why live a life of illusion when you can wallow in your resentment…..without relief…..for…..the……..of……your……life.

Isn’t the practice of materialistic philosophies fun?


One thought on “Forgiveness as an Illusion

  1. Chris July 10, 2016 / 1:54 pm

    Whether one believes in God or in evolution, I have this challenge: Inside most of us, we realize that there is such a thing as right and wrong. Why would God or evolution create a powerful illusion in us (that there is right and wrong) and then this is not true? I think the materialists need to give us an answer if they want to continue down their particular road.


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