From the reading I have done, it seems that forgiving others for specific hurts will reduce anger in the one who forgives. Yet, what if someone seems to be an angry person generally without a specific other in mind to forgive. Will learning how to forgive be as effective for this person as for another who knows precisely who hurt her and what that injustice is?

If someone seems to be generally angry and is not able to specify at whom or toward what she is angry, this does not necessarily mean that no such person or event(s) exist.  Sometimes people are in denial about their anger and think it is part of their general personality or think that they inherited a sensitive nervous system.  Yet, with further exploration, usually it is possible to identify a person or persons or some event(s) that have made the person resentful.  My advice is to work with the person, if she wishes, to uncover from the past that which is making her so angry so much of the time.  There usually is a reason for it tied to something that has happened in the person’s life.

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