You talk of a “global perspective” when forgiving another person. What is the global perspective and can one still take that perspective when the other has done something horrible?

The global perspective challenges the offended person to see the genuine humanity in all people, including those who do horrible acts.  For example, is this person mortal; will he or she die some day?  If she is cut, will she bleed?  Does he need air to breath and a little plot of land to stand on…..just as you do?  It is hard to take such a perspective when calling someone “inhuman” or “a monster.”  Yet, and some people will disagree with this, isn’t that a distortion of whom the offending person is?  Are not those who act horribly still human beings?  They do not become ducks or deer or chimpanzees.  They remain…..human.  The global perspective is one of the large challenges of forgiveness, to see the humanity in the other.

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