I am in the process of forgiving someone. I do not think that I am suppressing, displacing, or denying my anger. I have uncovered that anger and I have a lot of it. I am not a fan of journaling and so that is not effective for me in reducing the anger. How do I now start to diminish this anger that is so uncomfortable for me?

It seems that you are ready to enter the forgiveness process which itself can help you reduce anger.  A first step often is this: Are you ready to commit to doing no harm to the one who has hurt you?  Notice that I am not asking for something positive here, such as compassion or kindness or love.  I am asking if you are ready to refrain from something negative—-not doing harm to the other by, for example, speaking disrespectfully about him or her to others.  Committing to doing no harm may be the beginning of anger reduction for you.  As you go more deeply into the forgiveness process, the anger can diminish more.

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