How can a little anger be beneficial to someone?

When you have anger that is temperate and not excessive, you are showing yourself and the one who offended you that you are a person worthy of respect.  You are showing the other that you are aware that he or she was unfair to you and so you are giving him or her a chance to change.  Excessive anger can consume your energy and your happiness and destroy relationships. Anger within reasonable bounds and expressed reasonably is good and should not be suppressed as something bad.  I am presuming that such anger is short-lived when I use the word “reasonable.”

One thought on “How can a little anger be beneficial to someone?

  1. L. Newington October 27, 2016 / 2:26 pm

    Interesting enough how can a little anger can be beneficial, especially when giving one the chance to change.
    How can you reconcile the decades of tyranny by the catholic church I embraced in good faith, not only against others but within our own church family.
    From where I sit there comes a time when those who have smitten you on both cheeks will demand of you your very soul, take away your liberty and place you in shackles.
    Whats becoming more and more obvious to me is this Interfaith Dialogue and the epmphasis on forgiveness, is nothing more than covering a multitude of sins/crimes we’re trying to distance ourselves from, included but not limited to against the Jews, notwithstanding the papal knighthoods bestowed and the coercion of others.


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