Do you think that pride can get in the way of forgiving? If so, what might be some examples of pride stopping forgiveness?

Pride is that false sense of being better, in a general and superior way, than others.  Pride in the case of forgiving may take at least two forms.  In the first, a person exercising pride might conclude that the other must, without exception, apologize before the process of forgiving begins.  In other words, the pride dictates that the other must pay a price first.

Of course, we are not talking here about certain religions that ask the adherents of that faith first to receive an apology prior to forgiving.  A religious ritual and pride are not the same.

A second example of pride getting in the way of forgiving is that sense that “I am invulnerable; no one can deeply hurt me.”  Such an attitude might prevent a person from humbly acknowledging that he or she truly has been hurt by another.  When hurt is not acknowledged, then the person might conclude that there is nothing to forgive.

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