I often set my expectation on low for most people so that I am not hurt by them. Is this happening because I are realistic or am I showing discouragement and depression by doing this?

Without our having met to discuss this in-depth, it is difficult to give a good answer.  Let me try by asking you some questions:

1)  Why are your expectations low?  Do you see people as generally hurtful and out only for themselves?

2) If your answer is “yes” to the first question, have you been deeply hurt by others and now have mistrust?

3)  Are you feeling discouraged or depressed, possibly because of what might have happened to you in the past?

Your answers to these questions might give you some insights for answering your question.  Sometimes, when people are deeply hurt by others, they develop what I call a negative world view (no one can be trusted; everyone is out for themselves).  Forgiving those who have been hurtful can alter that world view toward a more positive one, that all people have inherent worth.

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