I sometimes feel a general kind of stress. I am all worked up inside and am restless. How can I begin to understand the source of this stress, its cause? It usually is not caused by something that happened to me that day.

When some people have a persistent unease within, it can be traced to anger that begins because of unjust treatment by others in the past.  The key here is to think through any unresolved issues from the past.  Did someone treat you very unfairly?  Have you not yet started a process of forgiveness with this particular person?  Try to take an inventory of unfair treatment, starting in childhood and moving up to the present time.  You might consider for this exercise the Forgiveness Landscape Rating Scale (Appendix B) in my book, The Forgiving Life.  If you discover deep, unfair treatment against you which you have never truly confronted, then you can start to forgive the person, which may decrease anger toward the person and reduce your general stress.

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