Resources for Those Already Teaching Forgiveness Education

Share and Learn

Teachers, we need your help!
Have you created an innovative lesson or set of lessons on forgiveness education? If so, please go to our Teachers’ Forum to outline your work to others or to upload your lessons for the rest of us to admire and use. We also invite you to use the Teachers’ Forum to share your personal stories, experiences, teaching tips, and comments about the program with other teachers. Be sure to tell us where your school is located and what level you teach.

Join Our Growing Roster of Schools

If you are already teaching the IFI Forgiveness Education Program
but your school is not listed on our roster of Madison, Milwaukee, or Belfast schools, contact us so we can add your school to our growing list. Be sure to include:

  • Your name, title, and contact information
  • Name of your school
  • Location of your school (city, state, province, district, country)
  • Grades and ages involved in each grade (because the idea of a “grade” differs across countries
  • Background about your school or a link to the school’s website
  • Upload a picture (optional) of your school and/or classroom and we’ll post it on this website

Broaden Your Students’ Learning Experience
Your students can strengthen their forgiveness muscles and gain a new appreciation for a different way of life or a different culture by joining our Electronic Pen Pal Program (currently available only to 8th grade 13- & 14-year-old students). This pioneering forgiveness program connects students by email to other students in a classroom in another state or even another country. The program creates a safe communications environment in which students can share their perspectives with fellow students in a different culture. The learning potential is unlimited.

Click here to read more about the Electronic Pen Pal Program. Contact us with questions or if you’d like your 8th grade class to participate. Note: The IFI is not involved in the actual research of this approach which takes place at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The task of the IFI is to provide service, not research, in the form of support for teachers and training through workshops.

Journal Articles
We recommend diving into any one of our peer-reviewed journal articles on forgiveness education for more information. To read an article from Corrymeela Magazine about our efforts in Northern Ireland, click here.

We have compiled a list of books on forgiveness for you to use as additional resources on your journey. Click here to see available books.

Stories (Share Yours)
Who doesn’t like a good story? Share yours with us so others can read it. Tell us what has happened in your school, your classroom, your home or your community.

Conversations and News
We work to constantly update our materials. Please see the “Conversation and News” section of this website for the latest updates. If you have an idea or request for a forgiveness-related item you can’t find on our website, contact us.

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